Who We Are

AS3D Metrology based in the Netherlands offers its clients services and advice in the field of 3D measuring technology. The core competencies are tactile and optical component inspection, alignment measurements, documentation, re-certification, and installation of tooling by means of mobile precision measuring arm and Laser Tracker.

Principles of Our Work

  • Customer Focused and Customer Satisfaction
  • Hard work and Quick in New Skills Development
  • Honesty, Reliability, Responsibility
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Unlimited Engagement and Motivation
  • Quality and Result Oriented

AS3D Means...

  • Clear Measurement Reports
  • Deployable Worldwide
  • Giving Value for Money
  • Mobile Measuring
  • Quick Delivery and Transparency towards Customer

' Measure what is measurable, and make
measurable what is not so '

Galileo Galilei

What We Do

Faro Arm Inspection

With 10 years of professional experience, we square every challenge. At AS3d Metrology we are highly trained in the use of Faro arms providing onsite inspection services and support in many industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

Alignment & Inspection

Our challenge is perfection in detail, our goal is satisfied customers. With the use of our Faro Tracker with a range of 320 meters, we can provide accurate alignments of shafts, bearings and machine centers, where there is no reference data such as CAD or drawings, this is a necessary requirement for industries such as maritime manufacturers.

Floor Marking & Robot Calibration

Using a Laser Tracker and our bespoke floor marking unit. X, Y, Z Coordinates of floor plate edges or holes are loaded into the software and automatically positioned in a sequence predetermined by the user. Robots, mainly in the Automotive industry can be calibrated with our Laser tracker to required accuracies stipulated by the specific customers’ requirements.

Tooling, Fixture Calibration & Recertification

Any size of Tooling and Fixtures can be calibrated with our Laser tracker and Portable arms. Tooling and fixtures can be calibrated to CAD models or simple X, Y, Z Coordinates and GD&T requirements specified in drawings.

Polyworks Inspector

Polyworks is an all-round software compatible with Portable CMMs and Laser Trackers. PolyWorks Inspector is a powerful industrial 3D metrology software solution to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using non-contact point cloud digitizers and single-point contact-based probing devices.

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